Medical device design and engineering services from JALEX Medical will bring your innovation to the next level. From furthering development of your initial concept all the way through product launch, JALEX has the team to get your project to the finish line, offering:

  • Concept generation and product definition

  • Design and development updates (models, drawings, etc.)

  • FEA and engineering evaluation

  • Vendor management

  • Manufacturing and testing quotes and facilitation

  • Design control documentation updates

  • Engineering changes review and approval

JALEX Design Engineers Take You from Concept to Production

JALEX Medical offers full-service design and product development engineering for your medical device.  Accordingly, our design engineers have a thorough understanding of the medical device design and development process and its key elements. This understanding is essential to planning the development of an approvable and manufacturable product, and to anticipating timing and costs of bringing your product to market.

Throughout the iterative design process, JALEX secures prototypes to evaluate fit and function. Our engineers ensure your device meets your precise design specifications and user needs. Special considerations are taken for manufacturability, materials, and assembly processes. Therefore, when design is complete, your product is production ready. JALEX then works with qualified testing partners to ensure your device meets all testing criteria required for the device type.

Throughout this process, our engineers conduct design reviews and document all activities in compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, our team compiles a complete design history file used to support the regulatory requirements for your device.

Full Range of Medical Device Design Services

Partner with JALEX to establish your design and development needs based on your business goals and strategies.

Contact us today and find out how JALEX Medical can help take your project to the finish line.